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Residential & Commercial

From moving services to storage and warehousing, we help homeowners, renters and business owners with local and long distance moving and storage solutions.

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Moving Servcies

Let Palmetto Specialty Transfer Do the Heavy Lifting!

We offer local and long distance moving solutions. Our trained movers have the experience to transfer your personal items safely and efficiently––handling your belongings with professional care.

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If you're looking for stress-free packing options or just short on time, we offer customized packing solutions for any move––big or small. Learn more today and leave the packing to our experienced team! 

Do you need short term storage and warehousing? We offer secure facilities required to coordinate deliveries to or from your home or business. We provide supply chain management for incoming resources, and product distribution for your finished product.

When it comes to relocating your business, time spent moving is time your business is not being productive. We will work with you to prepare and optimize a plan to minimize the impact that a move might have on your business productivity.

Commercial Moving

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Get Started With a Personalized Solution!

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